5 Reasons why printing your photos is important

When it comes to printing photos it can feel overwhelming and daunting as the process from capture to print has multiple steps. Nowadays we feel too busy to perform any of these steps that lead to resulting in prints. Why? Because I feel we are just too excited to be able to show our images instantly. The new digital world has focused the importance of sharing our work in the now. What we don’t realise is that our memories today need to be enjoyed in the future. Our social browsers may not exist in some future year and the access to our cloud platforms will most likely change too. The same will soon apply for CD’s and USBs ~ the truth is we need a better way to save and share our digital projects. Because one day soon our children will very much want to see the younger version of their parents and get to know their family history! Without surprise, I experienced this scenario with my eldest who recently discovered a few baby photos of me. They could not believe I was ever that small! Thanks to my parents who printed and kept these images in albums, today they are being talked about and a past is re-born.

This could be one of the main reasons I introduced an all-inclusive collection this year. I want each family to have a printed record from our session. To walk away with a physical product they can share for generations, to have access to their images any time they like, to not worry about technology changing and most importantly to have a complete photographic experience from shoot to print. I’ve felt this new direction to be important as my duty as your photographer. To bring a deeper awareness to the simple fact that digital data can be lost or misplaced. To solve the worry of where to get prints, how to organize and display, but rather walk away with a custom designed album and prints to be proud of. I simply do not want your jpgs to remain jpgs!

Here are my 5 reasons to why printing your photos still matters!

Creates a collection of key moments:

For every one good photo you like there’s probably a hundred similar ones you don’t like. Make your collection more organised and easier to view by printing your prime photos so you don’t have to scavenge through slides upon slides of photos on your computer. Better yet, you can put them in an album!

Great conversations are born:

Everyone appreciates the inviting look of a print on display, it is a conversation starter and brings a warm feeling to a home. Plus it is a daily reminder of the wonderful people in your life, instant smiles!

Physical link:

The power of a feeling is always imprinted in photos. Freezing the moment is how most of us understand it! Now imagine if you can physically hold a moment in your hands! Reflect on it and see it linked to a series of images from that day, it bring a much more enjoyable experience than digging through digital file archives on a computer.

It’s human:

Printing is a way of sharing – for the beholder and for the giver: sharing a memory or a story, sharing a feeling or an emotion, and sharing the gift of a common point in time that triggered something that is worth recalling proactively: every time one sees that print.

Technology can fail:

Technology is not always reliable and has been known to fail. Hard drives can malfunction, flash drives can break, software updates can fail, and you might even run out of space to save your photos. Also, over time, if you are copying, duplicating, opening and closing photos, the .jpg will decline in quality from the original image. Making the process of creating an archival print ever so important. It is the only way you can outlast the technological changes we have been experiencing. Prints are known to last a 100+ years as the chemicals used lock in the image in a permanent state.