5 Things your photographer wants you to know when you book them

Whether you are seeking headshot, newborn or family photos, there are a handful of game changer facts that can help you get the most out of your photo session investment. As a professional photographer, I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Here are the five things every photographer wants you to know before you book them!

ONE: Choose the right photographer

There are sooo many photographers in today’s marketplace, and the beauty of it is, you get a choice! Every photographer you come across has a style that is a unique to them and only them. It is their visual mark on the world. It is extremely important you take the time to view their portfolio and get a sense of who they are, what their “why” is for creating the work they do. It takes time and it may feel a bit overwhelming at first, but I guarantee you, if you look deep enough, you will find someone you click 100% with. Someone who shares similar values and delivers images you’ve been dreaming of!  For example, I am particularly drawn to the deep and emotional side to every person I photograph, I want to be able to capture whatever feeling they have expressed back to them in a photograph. My images are more about people bonding and having a candid connection. Therefore, if you hire your photographer based solely on the work (not price, popularity or because they are open on a day you wanted) it is a guarantee you will LOVE your photos!

TWO: We want trust

If there was an unknown secret you wanted to know about getting the best result from your photographer, it would be TRUST. Once you’ve found the right photographer, allow them complete control over how they conduct your session. Photographers are creative people, they dream up photos everyday and see the magic outside what a normal person would see. They are after the artistic idea and if you give them complete trust, you will quickly see the magic they create. All creatives thrive on the feeling of trust, and in my opinion, this is the best way to create art.

THREE: We are inspired by you

There is so much to consider when we create images, light, location, weather, but most importantly who our client is. Our top priority is finding elements that make your images unique and most importantly tell your story. So sometimes you may be tempted to share ideas you’ve found online with us, although welcomed, we do take it with a grain of salt. Because no photographer wants to hear anyone say, “that’s a nice copy of that photo I’ve sent you.”

FOUR: We love getting to know you

While we need trust, we also need information. I ask all my clients before their session what they would like captured about their baby, child/ren and anything else that speaks about their family life. How they plan to display their images, in albums, prints or canvases. Getting this information beforehand helps me prepare for our time together. If your photographer doesn’t send a questionnaire or does not do an in-person consultation, feel free to let them know the things you are excited about and how you plan to use your images.

FIVE: We want you to relax

It’s our desire for you to relax and actually enjoy your photo session. To some, it may feel much easier said than done! But I am going to be completely transparent, you will most likely feel stress come photo day. Your kids will probably be a bit more crazy than usual and it will somehow make you run a bit late. BUT, we’ve seen it all. Personally, I love the crazy and real of family life, it means there is energy and fun, these are the ingredients to the best photos. I tell all parents they are off the hook to “parent” during their session and allow me to dive right in and be in charge of the kids. Their only job is to look happy and in love, be present for all the reasons they wanted these photographs. So please don’t worry, your photographer will do what needs to be done ~ trust them to make beautiful photos of the lovely mess in your life!

To conclude, we know you’ve poured a lot into your session. Your time, money, and hard-earned love. If you’ve done your research, hired someone whose work you love, provided your photographer the relevant information, and managed to relax and be present during your session, you’re going to have photographs you absolutely adore.

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