Multi-cultural background

I was born in Indonesia, adopted at the age of 2 by Italian parents, I have 2 younger brothers adopted as well from India and Paraguay. I grew up and lived in Belgium until moving to Australia in 2009 for a new journey. English is my 3rd language after Italian and French.

I love decorating cakes

I made my very first fondant cake for my eldest’s 2nd birthday, since then I couldn’t stop creating new ones. If it wasn’t a photography business, I’d have started a cake business. I now do cake smash sessions and offer my own cakes.

I love homemade ice-cream

No matter what time of the day or night it is or what season we are in, ice-cream has its special place. My favourite flavour has to be Baileys, followed by strawberry flavour.

Sporty background

Tennis is my #1 sport that I will always go back to no matter what. I’m one of the This Girl Can VIC ambassadors. Surf-lifesaving is my #2 in which I invested quite some time setting up my club back in Belgium, it is still running strong. Underwater hockey is my #3, a tough and physical one and the weirdest of all, yet very fun. I even participated to the European Championship in Marseille – France, after only 3 months of training.

Crafty skills

When the passion hits me, I’m all for knitting, sewing costumes for my children, drawing, building marble runs with recycled material, recycling old wood pallets into useful items such as sandpit, furniture and cubby house.


I am a perfectionist learning to let go.