The Family Portrait – Prompt Guides

Engaging families in fun and genuine connected moments is often the best way to capture their personalities and authentic smiles. That is why I love the “moments over poses” approach to photographing families. Not only will you end up with photos that reflect the genuine love they have, your families will have a great time, too!

These are some of my favourites activities for photo sessions that can help you engage families in interactions that photograph well and elicit genuine emotion and expression. Keep in mind that some of the best photos come after these activities, when the family falls into laughter and giggles, so keep shooting!


Have the family walk or run while holding hands and pull out from one another, then move back in close, never letting go of each other’s hands.


While away from the kids, explain to dad that you’re going to have him sneak up on the kids, surprise them and wait for your signal. Have the kids facing your camera, and give them faces to make, etc, while dad is unknowingly making his way towards them. Dad grabs them from behind in a fun, playful way and you capture the excitement.


Sit mum in beautiful light, and have the kids run to her and show their favourite way to show mummy love.


Ask the whole family to do the best “floss” dance or any dance. Just have fun and dance as no one was watching!