Tips & tricks for a successful outdoor family photography session

When the rain gives way to beautiful flowers and lush green grass, it’s time to get outside! Who doesn’t love a warm spring and hot summer? Before you know it, the weather takes a chilly tone and the leaves start to change colours. The photo-ops don’t stop here. The autumn & summer colours offer a stunning backdrop! Here are some tips for capturing some great outdoor family photography with your own family or friends.

Tip #1: Find Interesting Structures

Whenever possible, try and incorporate any interesting structures into your session photos. This may be a bridge, similar to the image above, or a set of stairs pictured here. Sometimes it can be an old tree, a giant rock, a graffiti wall, or just a lonely bench just begging to be sat on. Either way, let the scenery speak to you. Exploring the area is a great way to engage the kids and make them feel like they are the ones finding these magical spaces.

Tip #2: Open Fields & Sunsets

Open fields are a great way to make the family the centre of attention. The beautiful bokeh background neutralises anything distracting from what’s happening inside the photo. It doesn’t have to be perfect, not everyone needs to be smiling. Families are dynamic and everyone has their own unique personality. Maybe today your toddler decided not to smile, and that’s ok! You can look back on this photo a year from now and laugh with them; ‘Hey, do you remember how grumpy you were this day!?’ The important part is to roll with the punches. No matter how much you ask, it won’t change anything and it helps to tell a story of that day.

Tip #3: Treats, treats, and more treats!

I have yet to meet a toddler or a baby that says no to treats. I promised myself that when I became a parent I wouldn’t bribe my child. Then reality set in, and have been using it as a negotiating tool ever since. Having a treat or a prize (bubbles in the photo below) for ‘good behaviour’ is probably the best thing you can do! It gives them something to look forward to and whips them back into shape when their mischievous side tries to derail the session. Everything is fair game for a photo opportunity, a little cake on the face didn’t hurt anyone.

Hopefully, these tips make your next outdoor family photography session stand out just a little bit more.